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Well Dressed
(Wild Goose Records WGS387CD)

1. Banks of the Nile
2. Turpin 'Ero
3. Jolly Bacchus
4. The Riddle Song / lovers' Tasks
5. Five Gallon Jar
6. One More Day / Shallow Brown
7. Well Dressing song
8. Three Ravens

9. Love Farewell
10. The Spire the Aspired<
11. Sprig of Thyme
12. Blue-Eyed Stranger / Joe Pea's
13. Whitby Fisher Lad
14. Uttoxeter Souling Song
15. Six Jolly Miners
16. Turtle Dove (Ten Thousand Miles)


"Songs From the Derbyshire Coast"
(Wild Goose Records WGS337CD)

1 Bold Riley
2 Lowlands of Holland
3 Once I courted a Damsel
4 Beulah Land
5 Summon up the Sun
6 Turkish Quickstep
7 Sally Free and Easy
8 The Echoin’ Horn

9 Napoleon’s Dream
10 The Sailor’s Prayer
11 A Hundred Years Ago/Essiquibo River/Rolling Down the Bay to Juliana
12 Roman Reel/Polka Chinoise
13 The Coast of Peru
14 Awake! Arise!


"Well Seasoned"
(Wild Goose Records WGS 317 CD

1 The Ploughshare
2 Nowell, Nowell
3 Bring ‘Im On
4 The Ashbourne Wassail
5 The Great Derby Footrace
6 The Moon Shines Bright
7 Derwent May Carol
8 Whitsuntide Carol

9 The Scarecrow
10 The Nutley Waltz / Doug’s Maggot
11 The Grey Cock and the Lover’s Ghost
12 The Harvest Supper Song Words
13 Norfolk / The Gasp Reel
14 Beautiful Dale
15 Hark, Hark What News?

"Stars In My Crown" - Keith Kendrick and Lynne Heraud
(Wild Goose Records WGS303CD)
1 The Poor And Honest Soldier
2 Awake, Awake ( New Years Carol)
3 The Miller And The Lass
4 Herod
5 Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
6 The Happy Man
7 Bird In A Cage
8 Lord Gregory
9 The Builders
10 A Passionate Shepherd To His Love
11 The Leaves of Life (Seven Virgins)
12 A Sailor Likes His Bottle-O
13 One Starry Night
14 Love Is Come Again
15 Love Farewell


"Me ‘Umble Lot"
Volume One Recordings VOR 122
1 The Derby Ram
2 Job (Com All You Worthy Christian Men)
3 The Begging Song
4 What a Goodly Thing
5 Untitled Step Dances
6 Van Dieman's Land
7 There Are No Coalmines In The Sky
8 Untitled Polka No. 1 / Sultan's Polka
9 Love Is Pleasing
10 Pull For The Shore
11 The Wearing Of The Green / Untitled Stepdance No. 2
12 A Funny Little Place
13 Untitled Schottische No. 1 / Untitled Tune
14 Bedlam
15 The East India-man
16 The Contented Countryman
17 Love Is Come Again
18 Untitled Polka No. 4 / Lulu Polka
19 Squire Crozier (The Blencathra Hunt)


"Nautical – But Nice!" - The Anchor Men
(Anchor Records AMNCD1)
1 Polka d'Aviron / La Bransle
2 Paddy and the Whale
3 On Board of a Ninety Eight
4 New York Gals
5 Egg & Cabbage / Melody Iron
6 The Old Ship's Rolling home
7 Shanty Medley
8 Spanish Ladies
9 Angelique / Joe Egan's
10 Turkish Man-o-War
11 The Roseabella
12 The Greenland Whale Fisheries / The Hunt
13 Good-Bye Fare Ye Well
14 The Farewell Shanty


"All Tide Up" - 3 Sheets to the Wind
(Cock Robin Music CRM096)

1 Poor Old Man / Haul On The Bowline / Blood Red Roses
2 Trawling Trade
3 Rolling Down The River
4 Ratcliffe Highway
5 Shantyman
6 Sea Coal
7 Billy Riley
8 Goodbye to the Sea
9 Ebenezer

10 Fire Marengo / Yellow Girls / Little Sally Racket
11 I Sailed The Sea
12 John Kanaka
13 Edmund Fitzgerald
14 Chicken on a Raft
15 Liverpool Judies
16 Hullabaloobalay / Hog Eye Man / Wild Goose Shanty
17 South Australia
18 Last Shanty

Cock Robin Music CRM096
Three Sheets to the Wind are Keith Kendrick, Derek Gifford and Geoff Higginbottom, each a skilled performer in his own right and a perfect combination of voices and musicianship for this album of sea songs and shanties.
All Tide Up is the ideal starter kit for anyone wanting to join the growing tide of shantymen (and women). A collection of twenty four of the more popular songs of the sea. Belting shanties such as Blood Red Roses, Yellow Girls and South Australia amongst others, sung with real drive and commitment. Plus a range of contemporary songs in a very traditional vein. John Connolly’s Trawling Trade, and Cyril Tawney’s Chicken on a Raft to name but two.
Graeme Miles’ Sea Coal is an absolute cracker with it’s fine harmonies and what a joy to hear the gutsy rendition of Gordon Lightfoot’s Edmund Fitzgerald, this is a real belter of a song, superbly written and beautifully arranged and sung.
If like me you are a maritime addict this is must have album, three fine voices singing great songs the way they were meant to be sung.
Copyright Jim Hancock © 2005

Three Sheets To The Wind - All 'Tide' Up (Cock Robin)
Long-awaited, and finally launched this Easter at the Lancaster Maritime Festival, All 'Tide' Up ideally conveys the upfront performing style and infectious spirit of this irrepressible trio of maritime miscreants. Each of the three's a charismatic solo performer in his own right, and in that guise I suspect already welcomely familiar to some readers - the epithet "well-seasoned" applying every bit as much to cohorts Derek Gifford and Geoff Higginbottom as to Keith Kendrick himself! Or here, perhaps that ought to read "well-seasonged"?!… For what the three men have in common and in abundance (aside, that is, from being shamefully underrated in some quarters), is a great feel for the repertoire and idiom and a refreshingly original approach (purists might term it mildly irreverent at times!) to the presentation of the more well-trodden maritime material. For this CD they serve up a creditable menu that cannily juggles the familiar with the unfamiliar, accompanied with unaccompanied; it mixes traditional shanties and sea songs with a near-ideal pick of contemporary maritime compositions (a highlight among these being one of Geoff's own creations, here entitled I Sailed The Sea). In fact, the total product comes perilously close to what I'd have chosen to record meself (that is, if I were blessed with three good voices and could play guitar and concertina!), which only goes to prove what fine taste these chaps have! By bringing their wealth of combined experience in other "branches" of the folk music tradition to bear on their renditions of maritime classics, these renditions embrace a healthy individuality and make a positive virtue of "doing things differently" (take the bouncy - self-styled "Jolly Jack Tart"! - concertina part that accompanies Three Sheets' version of Bob Watson's potent commentary Shantyman, for instance, or their cut-price impression of a Joe-Meek-style "heavenly choir" on Gordon Lightfoot's Edmund Fitzgerald). There's a welcome gutsiness and grit in their attack too, a quality that renders many present-day practitioners of maritime music lacklustre and anodyne by comparison. And first and foremost, Three Sheets are entertaining; they make the music fun without devaluing their source material or patronising their listeners. If I really need to fish for a carp (sic!), and mindful of the creative perspectives which Three Sheets bring to the music, perhaps one or two aspects of the recording aren't quite ideal - the lead voice on a handful of selections is a shade too far back in the mix, rendering the strong harmony lines too prominent (notably on The Ebenezer, Hog's Eye Man and Last Shanty), and perhaps the guitar part makes for unnecessary clutter on Goodbye To The Sea, where the jaunty pace distracts somewhat from the poignancy of the lyric, but these are minor matters when considering the overwhelming success of the CD as a whole, which so well balances the lighter and more serious sides of the maritime repertoire in performances that can't fail to delight sea song buffs and more generalist folk fans alike.

David Kidman


"Home Ground"
(Fellside FECD118)
1 The Rag & Bone Man
2 Some Tyrant Has Stolen My True Love Away
3 The Lion's Den
4 Died For Love5 A Shantyman's Life
6 Ey Mam Why?
7 Polkas: Fruits & Flowers, Three Jolly Sailor Boys
8 The Humble Heart
9 The Last Time
10 The Life Of A Man11 Jack The Jolly Tar
12 The Irish Girl
13 'Ospitles
14 Tha' Lowkes A Proper Swell Lass
15 Ball O' Yarn
16 They're Taking It Away
17 Janitors & Jailers


"The Derby Ram" - Keith Kendrick with Pete Castle, Roy Harris and Derrick Hale
(Steel Carpet Music MAT008CD)
First released on cassette in 1993. Remastered and released on CD in 2001 with 3 extra tracks
1 The Derby Ram - Keith
2 West End, Best End - Pete
3 All Through The Ale - Roy
4 London - Derrick
5 Ey Up Mi Duck - Keith
6 Pretty Peg of Derby-O - Pete
7 One More Dance & Then - Derrick
8 The Derby Ram - Roy
9 Six Jolly Miners - Pete
10 Tha Looks A Proper Swell - Keith
11 Wild Young Stenson - Roy
12 The Black Boy - Derrick
13 The Derbyshire Miller - Pete
14 Derbyshire Morris Medley - Keith
15 Hannah Baddeley - Roy
16 There Are No Coal Mines In The Sky - Keith
17 The Cotton Mill's Now At Cromford
"Keith was a good singer before most of us had even started" - John Tams

"A Towering performance" - Andy Leith, 'Traditions at the Tiger' News Letter

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