Keith Kendrick

An Introduction


John Bentham

Down my local they carry an excellent range of draught beers. Some are always available and others are constantly changing. Being the decent sort, the landlord lets you try a drop of ale before you decide whether to buy or not. So when you take someone in for the first time, or tell somebody about this wonderful hostelry, invariably you get asked, "What's your favourite beer then?"

" I haven't got one" is the reply. There are many that I like and there are one or two that I will go back to over and over again (not on the same night, you understand, well once in a while maybe). The reason for this is that they are suited to my palate and are tried, tested, and invariably in good condition and are willingly quaffed.

A bit like performers on the folk scene really. You see so many at clubs and festivals, some give great pleasure, some are a passing fancy, but some, like my old stand-by beers are tried, tested, and, are invariably in fine fettle. Let me give you a prime example, for Harvest Pale Ale Castle Rock Brewery, read Keith Kendrick.

There is always a quickening of the pulse and heightened anticipation when Keith is about to grace the stage. The enthusiasm and love for the music is evident, from the opening notes, for all to both see and hear. His passion never diminishes and as time goes on, it seems to increase and intensify and you are carried along with it. Born a Derby lad and still living in his native shire, Keith reflects his upbringing in some of his repertoire. There are traditional and contemporary songs of the city and county as well as poems. Occasionally translation is required as the dialect is strong, rich and genuinely delivered. But it isn't all local stuff, oh no, ballads , shanties, traditional and contemporary, songs and tunes to thrill, Keith will sing and play the gamut. At this moment in time you might find him performing with Leeds Linnet - Sylvia Needham or together with Sylvia, Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner as 'Full English', or as 'Three Sheets to the Wind' with Derek Gifford and Geoff Higginbottom or entertaining with...........and so it goes on. In fact there are times when I wonder if he actually remembers who he's supposed to be with at any given time.

This is the current Keith Kendrick, go back down the years and you remember him with The Druids, Tup, Muckram Wakes, Ram's bottom, The Anchor Men, Jo Freya did I mention The East Kent Hoppers ? and, I wouldn't be surprised if I've not missed at least one group out.

Always an absolute pleasure to introduce at Traditions at the Tiger is Keith, value for money GUARANTEED. He is the performers performer, much respected but still highly underrated. If you have seen Keith, then you know what I mean, if you haven't seen him....... you don't know what you are missing, and may I suggest you put that right PDQ.

Now, back to one of those favourite beers.

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