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Ram’s Bottom circa 1974, L to R: Alan Squires, Mick Hennessy, Keith Kendrick, John Bloor, Lester Simpson, Bryan Dawson

S.S.S.D...........:-)) Different order though - hope it doesn’t confuse.

Ram's Bottom

Leading a mass levitation workshop at Sidmouth circa.1993/4 (or maybe I’m just singing a song - who knows?

Song for JB. K & S at John Bloor’s memorial April 2006

Smoothie posed publicity pic..........YUK!!!

Kendrick/Needham’s late Victorian ancestors - amazing likeness!

With Ralphie Jordan at Sharps’ Folk Club, C# House, 2006

WHOA! There they are again, this time they’re on the move - must ‘av ‘ad numb bums from sitting on that bench too long!!

Nelson two - timing Hardy!

With Sylvia Needham, John Adams, Chris Coe and members of ‘Ryburn 3 Step’ playing for Pete Coe’s Long Company New Year Mumming Play.

With John Tams and The Derbyshire Volunteers Mega Charity Band at Derby Assembly Rooms

...with the Winster Morris Dancers at Winster Wakes 2008

With Barrie and Ingrid Temple at the ‘Y’ Theatre, Leicester

...with the Winster Morris Dancers at Winster Wakes 2008

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