Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham


Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham

Keith and Sylvia sing mainly English traditional and traditionally influenced contemporary songs and work extensively all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Both have a very wide ranging repertoire, strong voices and uncannily compatible and complimentary styles of delivery, affording an exciting enhancement in duo and between them produce a striking acapella harmony sound. With a formidable history of performing experience behind them, their recorded work is matched only by their live gigs which are always a vocal and musical revelation as well as a hoot! They also frequently accompany themselves and play lively dance tunes on three different systems of the only English invented musical instrument – the Concertina. And when they’re not doing that you’ll probably find them playing lively and stirring music for the Winster Morris Dancers.

“A wonderful advert for English folk music!”
- Lawrence Heath – Guildford Institute Folk Club

“....breathtaking harmony work that leaves the listener gasping............

- Jane Kremer and Dave Thomas - The Folk Mag

“…'Once I courted a Damsel', derived from a fragment of Joseph Taylor's singing, is Keith and Sylvia at their very best - unaccompanied, well thought out and together in splendid harmony,

a model of how to sing a traditional English song.”

- Pete Wood - EDS

“....Sally Free and Easy deserves a special mention. Keith sings this song in harmony with Sylvia Needham. Their voices blend and compliment each other's, capturing the anger and despair

of this Cyril Tawney song to perfection. It is unquestionably, the best interpretation that I have ever heard of this song.”

- Ken Hinchliffe – What’s Afoot

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Listen to Keith & Sylvia

Banks of the Nile  

Turpin ‘Ero

Well Dressing Song

Once I Courted a Damsel

Awake Arise Good Christians

Riddle Song / Lovers’ Tasks / Riddle Song

Sailors’ Prayer

Three Ravens

Sally Free & Easy

Echoin Horn

Keith & Sylvia’s ‘Well Dressed’ CD Launch event will be at The Old Oak Inn, Horsley Woodhouse Derbyshire starting at 8pm on Thursday 26th January 2012.

The session musicians and singers will be there to enhance the event and will likely do a bit themselves as well and they are:

Johnny Adams, John & Gilly Loomes, Michael Beeke, and Bob Axford.

All welcome but let us know you’re coming as space will be limited.

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